Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Eastre/Ostara - Dawn


Dawn (source Google images)


Today is the First Day of Spring, marked by the Spring Equinox. In the Deanic Faith this is when we celebrate the holy festival of Eastre/Ostara*.
Eastre heralds the new Deanic Year, which begins on 1 Columbine/21 March.** 
It's mystical significance is that of Dawn (Aurora). Dawn of new life - which has both a mundane meaning, as we see in Nature; and also a spiritual meaning, as it is our hope and trust that the Holy Daughter will lead us to new life in which we awaken to the realisation of our union with Dea.

Aurora (source Google images)

Eastre is a festival of great joy and hope!

It feels fitting to re-start my blog at this auspicious time. 
My aim for this blog is to present Pantheacraft as independent Deanic Tradition.  
It is especially my hope to contribute to bringing attention to and information about Deanism - as a modern Western form of Goddess religion, complementing her ancient Eastern/Hindu sister - to the fore and into the light. Making myself as Deanic priestess available to those interested; and offering my blog in devotion to Dea as another presence for the Deanic Faith.

In addition it is my aim to write more from the heart and to write about how this religion - the Original Faith of Our Divine Mother - is lived in ordinary every-day life.
I am prone to lecture and to write in the style of the intellectual I am. However, as things have changed with me - I have become more devotional, more established in other areas of soul and life than only the intellect/mind - I will try and change my writing and ministering, too.

Therefore I will now go and decorate my hestia (sacred home) with Eastre decoration and fresh flowers and observe the Eastre ritual. In the afternoon when my son is back from school we will have a feast with cakes, hot-cross-buns and big chocolate eggs. (Hot-cross-buns and big chocolate eggs being something I got introduced to when I came to England, as we don't have these in Germany.)

Have a blessed Eastre!

* I use the Germanic name (in terms of language) 'Ostara' interchangeably for Eastre. I also like it to avoid confusion with the Christian Easter, which is celebrated on the weekend after the Full Moon in Columbina - 'Dove Moon' or 'Eastre Moon'

**I will add under 'Pages' the Deanic Calendar for the Panthea & Janite Traditions later on

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