Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Light shines in the Darkness

Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Jana Vicka
22 Flora 2017 ACG

In the light of all the recent happenings - in the light of what has been going on in the world for way too long:
With all the sadness and fear - of which there is so much in the world, and which claws at me all the time (and I believe does at many of you who are reading this too) - I feel it is of paramount importance that we keep at our work as torchbearers for the Light, Love, and Life of Dea!

(Irrespective of what our particular Soul Path may be and how we name the Divine or practice our devotion.)

As to the particular way of feminine spirituality as expressed [though not exclusively] in Deanic tradition:
It has been said before, but cannot be repeated often enough: to uphold and talk about things of Beauty, Truth, Love and Light - no matter how "superficial" it is deemed by the mainstream society - is neither superfluous, nor is it "selfish". It truly is absolutely essential that we maintain areas - even little spots - of light in the surrounding darkness.

And in all this, when what happens on our planet, and in our human society on earth, becomes so all-overpowering; let us not forget, that this all is not the Ultimate Reality - it is an imperfect reflection within the realm of flux and change - at the coarsest most consolidated level ...

I have often wondered what I am doing here, feeling so very estranged from most of my surrounding; or what a pure soul like my child is doing here ... what lovely, innocent, pure souls, who have somehow managed to remain uncorrupted, are doing here ... and I can only think that the answer truly is to be torchbearers of the Mother's Light into a world that is spiralling further and further into Darkness.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Jana Vicka
8 Flora 2017 ACG

O Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valour, be with us.May the Pure Stearm of your Virtues flow within me, in this world,and in all the worlds to come. 

Flowers delight the devas*. The devas reside in flowers ... The supreme light manifests itself in flowers and is delighted by flowers.
- quotation from the Kalika Purana
This Abaldi - 10 Flora - is the 'little festival'** of Flowers. ('Florimaia' is the Filianic name for this festival.) While being a 'little' festival, it has a wonderful meaning, which I adore. In all traditional cultures and religious traditions flowers are of important spiritual implications. 
Personally, I love this time of the year! While I am prone to say this about every season ;) it is this time of the year - at least where I live - that stands or for three of my favourite things: flowers, lush foliage, and birds. 

Everywhere are the beautiful Enlish flowers - especially Roses, a precursor to Rosalia. While Rosalia (celebrated at the Summer Solstice) is indeed the height of Summer and the natural year - (remember, the natural world, as per Traditional Essentialist view, is always a reflection of higher spiritual levels) - it feels that Floralia is really the height of 'Life' - the height of Spring. Since I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, I prefer the light half of the year, (from the Spring Equinox to the Autumn Equinox), in terms of well-being/well-feeling and productiveness. Of course, there is the Return of Light at Lucidi (a noticeable increase in daily natural light), and of course Eastre, when the light half of the natural year starts. Yet, even at Eastre, it is often still cold, rainy and uncomfortable (again, where I live). And then wonderful wonderful Rosalia - the time of the Mother's Solar Light, commencing the Mother half of the year in Janite (and Filianic) Deanic Tradition. Yet, it means knowing that from this point on, the light will ever so slightly and soon all too noticeable decrease. And this is why - amongst many more reasons - I adore the time of Floralia.

Naturally, part of [Janite] tradition for Floralia, as well as a custom within my family, is to indulge in even more flowers than usual. (Ever since I started my conscious transition into a true Deanic lady, I have been going by the premise that 'fresh flowers are a necessity'.) Another custom we practice as family for Floralia is to craft simple tissue-paper-flowers, made from colourful crepe-tissue. We create a stash for the year, which I use to adorn statues and my sacrarium, and even use for offerings. Since they wear out after a while (they cease being 'crisp' and just look a bit worn), it is good to make fresh ones at least once a year.

There is so much more to say about the deeper meaning of flowers ... especially also in Hindu tradition. However, I believe it is not even necessary to describe this from a scholarly point of view, it is something which is inherent in our nature, that we understand the 'language of flowers'.
So, at this time - for Floralia - 'say it with flowrs' (as a German saying goes); and delight in the heavenly beauty of the flowers. (Note the 'light' in 'delighted' ... )

* 'devas' is often translated as 'gods'; however more accurate, (although there's not much in terms of accuracy when translating sanscrit terms in English), would be 'angels', or the Greek 'daimon' (equally misunderstood in modern English context; and -not- to be confused with the similar sounding 'demon')
nota bene: Abrahamic culture reversed the ancient terms for 'angels' = devas, suras, and 'demons' = 'asuras' (non-suras).
** I prefer the term 'little' in this context to 'minor' - as little sounds softer, cuter, whereas 'minor' sounds somewhat disparaging.

source for all images: google images

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Correction

Foradi (Fora Day)
Day of Jana Rhea
5 Columbina 2017 ACG

O Madria Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint, be with us.May the pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

 (source: google images)

Yesterday, I posted a blog-entry regarding 'Magick', which I have since reconsidered and taken off the blog. I have not been happy about how I worded things; and writing after a long work-day, and after a rather taxing week, was probably not a good idea. What it did achieve though was that I have been thinking about the subject of 'magic' a lot [more]. I also discussed it with my spiritual mother ArchMadria Pamela; as well as referred to the article on The Chapel of Our Mother God, which was written in response to ArchMadria's question - i.e. how Filianists see the question of magic - which she posed several years ago. (The Chapel's reply and exegesis can be read here.)
After due consideration, I defer to this view and stance. Ultimately how we do something - be that by physical-material or non-physical/material ("magical") means - does not matter; what does matter is what we do, and which intention and attitude is the motivation for our actions.
Further, I concede that it has little merit to compartmentalise and qualify different 'categories' of magic. Everything we do is on a sliding-scale between immaterial and material; and everything will always be a combination of both. Rather than being judgemental about 'magic', we should be constantly and continuously assessing our own intentions and attitudes - and the resulting actions.
Personally, as a rule of thumb, I question myself in anything I do (again in whatever way), whether I would petition the Holy Janati/Dea with my desire/wish.

I ask forgiveness of my kind readers for having posted about this subject prematurely, before having arrived at the above conclusion.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

'She believed she could, so she did' - bringing the Hestia into the Agora

Abaldi (Apple Day)
Day of Jana Thema
3 Flora 2017 ACG

A little over a year ago, my sister got me this mug - as shown in the photo above - as a gift, intended as my 'work-mug'. It was her way of showing her support and praise of my having been able to hold a part-time job down in the Agora ('market-place'/business-world), while working my hestian "job" as mother and house-mistress*, and doing so (successfully enough, if I may say so myself) despite suffering from a chronic illness (CFS/ME). I thought it a sweet idea at the time, and have been using the mug on my agoran work-days; yet, I always thought taking the idea of the encouraging message just to mean to 'get me through' wasn't quite it. and wasn't 'me'.
A little while ago, I played with a particular idea which would enable me to stay completely at home and work within the hestian context alone. For various reasons, this plan has been thrown out. Instead, - as necessity dictates - I have requested to work more hours/an extra day per week for my agoran work. Where I used to think very much along a 'black-and-white' dichotomy of hestian versus agoran [work]; something fundamental occurred to me: As part of my ongoing process of transitioning/transforming into the way of life as a truly Deanic lady - (now here is something I intend to write about more!) - it is my aim to 'exude' the Deanic life-style ... to be a torchbearer for the Deanic Way of Life. Being of the hestian nature (and of the Janite Hestian Order), part of that is to bring the hestia into the agora! Therefore, now the mug is a reminder to me on my agoran work-days to be within this agoran environment as hestian Deanic lady. Something, I believe I can do - something I do. The result of this attitude has been very positive and encouraging: not only do I feel that my work-days and interaction (with colleagues and clients) go even more smoothly and harmoniously; but also, my attitude is even more positive and I feel my purpose in doing this agoran work has taken on a whole new perspective and level. I used to think that it makes little difference whether I would do the work I do, or any one of my -highly efficient- colleagues. Now I feel it potentially does make a difference; that I make a difference.

* a term I prefer to 'house-wife'

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'Deanic Ladies' - a private online community for Deanic ladies

Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Madria Vicka
1 Flora 2017 ACG

(source: google images)

Dear reader,

If you are a female devotee of Dea, you might be interested to learn that there is now a private online community for Deanic (including Filianic) women.
As ArchMadria Pamela shared on her blog:
Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.
However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina Dini at: hearthofheid@gmail.com.
The community's description reads:
Dear sisters in Dea, welcome to our community! Here are the basic guidelines and rules of etiquette for our community which we hope will find your acceptance conditional on joining the 'Deanic Ladies' community. First of all, this group is intended as a place of support and sharing for female devotees of Dea, who follow a Deanic Way of Life. This does not only mean to be Deanic, but also to wish to follow a feminine traditional way of living; which includes aiming towards a life of Beauty and Love, as well as aiming towards increasing in the Virtues which stream from the Holy Janati.We use the word 'aim' deliberately: to live truly as Deanic lady is an everyday endeavour, perfection of which being something we can only strive towards with little steps of improvement on the way by grace of Dea.This is not a 'discussion group' per se. Politics and religion, other than the greater Deanic Faith, are not being discussed here. We address everybody with their respective title in all posts and comments. (Abbreviations and symbols for titles may be used.) Courtesy, respect, gentleness, humility are fundamental qualities which will be expected for all posts and comments. 'Deanic Ladies' is independent of any specific branch or tradition of the greater Deanic Faith, and any female Deanic devotee is welcome. 'Deanic Ladies' is also an independent community and not connected to any groups, societies or communities - past or current - which adopt/ed Deanism/Filianism. Appreciation for and interest in specific cultures and languages may be shared here, however, we do not promote any specific culture - of any time or geography - as 'ideal'. Moreover, we do not accept a general disregard for "Western" (European and North-American) geographical culture. Part of our Deanic Way of Life is to bring that which we hold as beautiful, holy, good and true into the here and now. As such, we aim to be torchbearers to bring the Light of the Mother - by grace of the Daughter - into the world we live in. Please be so kind as to read this article 'Following our Lady's teachings: a philosophy for life' by the late Madria Olga Lotar.http://theapedia.referata.com/wiki/Following_our_Lady%27s_teachings:_a_philosophy_for_lifeMay Our Lady bless us, our sisterhood, and this community.Yours in Dea,Madrina Dini(Prima Filia of the Janite Deanic Tradition & Janite Order of Priestesses; founder of 'Pantheacraft - A Deanic Way of Life; admin of 'Deanic Ladies') 
If you are interested to join, please send me a request at the above referenced email address (hearthofheid@gmail.com).

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pantheacraft - A Deanic Way of Life

(source: google images)

Pantheacraft - a 'Deanic Way of Life' - presents a "collection" of everything Deanic; including orthodox Shaktism, the Trinitarian/Filianic Deanic religion, the Janite tradition; Feminine Essentialism; feminine life-style & tips, and shared experiences and experiments on how to live a [re]racinated/traditional-normal feminine life; teachings on Mystery Tradition - especially corrections of the Classical Mystery traditions, bringing them back into their original feminine format and showing where the patriarchal corruption lies; etc. From this every person (although of course I mainly address women) may take whatever suits her to build up her own Deanic (or Deanic-inspired) life[style].

As to the etymological meaning of 'Pantheacraft': 'Pan' means all, 'Thea' is the greek for [Latin] 'Dea', and 'Craft' means the craft of building such a Deanic way of life. As such, the latter denotes that it is a work and process, which requires - like all crafts - skill, effort, perseverance, and, not to forget, love.

(source: google images)

Please note that 'craft' in regards to 'Pantheacraft' is not the term used for [neopagan] "witchcraft" - as Pantheacraft (or Deanism for that matter) is neither 'neopagan' nor 'witchcraft' related.

I will reserve the subject of "witchcraft" and "magick" for a post for another day.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Great Moon - the Full Moon in Maia

Stelladi (Star Day)
Day of Jana Sofia
23 Maia 2017 ACG

O,Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Tonight is the peak of the Full Moon in Maia - which is called 'Great Moon'. In the Janite Deanic Tradition, we may celebrate the Full Moon Rite three days prior to the Full Moon, on the Full Moon, and three days after the Full Moon, (which in effect gives us a full week to observe the Full Moon Rite). Personally I try to observe the Full Moon Rite at any of the three days before the peak. This is because at Full Moon tide, I feel usually almost overwhelmed with spiritual, energetic conception. As the filial lunar light is a reflection of the maternal solar light, naturally, this reflection is at its fullest at the peak of Full Moon. I have found that observing the Full Moon Rite before the actual peak, helps me with not getting "over-charged", and helps with channelling the resulting energies constructively. Ideally, I would have observed the Rite on Lunadi - which would have been a perfect fit. However, I felt prevented for personal reason on Lunadi. Since I normally don't hold rite in the evening before a workday for me and school day for my son, I originally intended to wait until Columbadi or even Foradi. But then I had a friend visiting yesterday, who brought me a lovely flower-gift from her own garden - (See photo) - which filled my hestia with a heavenly scent. 
This simply was a sign, I felt, to observe the Full Moon Rite that evening; and indeed, it being a lovely sunny evening as well, it felt right to do so.

It was a beautiful special little ceremony. I felt very blessed that I may observe these beautiful rites of our beautiful religion.

O Madria Dea, I bow again and again in loving devotion at Your lotus feet.